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The Legend of La Bikina

On a rainy night, a farmer found a baby girl, abandoned to its fate. He then took the newborn to the church. The priest Gonzalo announces to the village that a baby girl had been found, but there was no response. And so, the priest took the newborn o a nearby convent with the Carmelitas mothers. They gladly accepted the newbon, who they baptized with the name "Carmela." As time passed by, she grew up and developed into an astounding beauty. She had dark brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes.
As a result of the problems between the church and the state of Mexico, a religious defence group was formed called the Cristeros. In 1925 President Elias Calles moved against this rebellious group, making an assault throughout the entire country, but mainly in the state of Jalisco.
Out of nowhere the door burst open, destroyed by an army platoon entering with rage and destroying anything that crossed their path. Carmela stopped the men in their tracks, they were immobilized by her beauty. One man broke loose from her spell, captured her and took her out from the convent. The man was Captain Humberto Ruiz. She was kidnapped for 17 years, not knowing anything about life outside the convent doors. She suddenly felt her world being violated. She did not understand what was happening or why. She was so scared she would rather die than endure whatever they had in store for her. As a natural defense she became numb to the situation she was in. She remained like that for days. When she finally broke through her numbness of not knowing what had happened to her, she tried to escape to return home, but he would not let her free.
One day he brought her water and kindly cleaned her forehead with a handkerchief. He did that for days, he became kind, attentive, and servicing, her silent and immutable. They never spoke a word to each other, not even the slightest gesture was made from her. She appeared numb to his kindness but after more than a decade passed of her capture, he finally kissed her hands and with tears in his eyes, asked for her forgiveness and departed, leaving her alone forever more.
Carmen forgot who she was, she did not even remember her own name. She walked from town to town, supporting herself by doing housework. In her adventures from town to town someone called her "La Bikina," and the name stuck. No man could get near her, but after a long time, destiny placed her again in front of Captain Ruiz and on this occasion, she smiled at him. They spent a night of incomparable love together, but as dawn arrived, she slipped into the heavens.
Her story touched so many hearts especially those who knew her.